My qualification is in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, this means that I am trained as both a counsellor and a psychotherapist. Having an integrative approach means that I use theory and skills from a number of different therapeutic schools. I have always been interested in people, what motivates them and how their life experiences shape them. Over ten years ago I came to a point in my own process when I wanted to understand, more fully, my patterns of behaviour and how my past life experience was shaping how I behaved in the present. This is how my journey into psychotherapy began.

As I explored my own history, with the help of a therapist, I was able to understand and let go of old unconscious patterns that no longer served me. I caught glimpses of a place from where I could make conscious decisions about my life, that took my thoughts and feelings into consideration, that engaged with all the different aspects of  my-self, my centre.

I worked with Childline and Foróige before undertaking a four year Post-Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, provided by Turning Point and validated by U.C.C. This course is recognised as meeting the standards of all major professional psychotherapy organisations in Ireland as well as the European Association for Psychotherapy. The services I provide are governed by the ethical standards of IAHIP

My professional work is aimed towards providing a safe non-judgmental setting in which my clients can begin, or continue, their own journey towards their secure centre.   

Therapist Chair