Covid-19 Information

Due to the escalating circumstances surrounding Covid-19 I wanted to publish some information around how I am adjusting my practice to provide a safe environment for clients.

  • The spacing of seating in the room has been adjusted and conforms with HSE guidelines around social distancing with 2.2m between seats.

  • All commonly touched surfaces are sanitized between clients.

  • To absolutely minimise the possibility of exposure to Covid-19 I would ask clients not to touch door handles on entry and exit, let me open doors for you.

  • For clients who do not wish to handle cash, fees can be paid by bank transfer.

  • If you are in an at-risk group, because of your health circumstances or because you have been in contact with groups of people where sanitizing practices are limited, I would ask you to consider live video sessions.

Video Sessions

I have made the decision to continue to offer face to face sessions where possible because of the measures in place, listed above, and to maintain some degree of normality in these challenging times. For those who feel that face to face is no longer appropriate I am offering video sessions to provide continuity of service.

My clients work with a wide variety of issues and in some cases it would be irresponsible of me to cut access to therapy without a contingency plan in place where possible. Given we are all living with restricted movements and are exposed to a barrage of information regarding the current crisis it is understandable that people’s anxiety has increased significantly.

Some issues previously deemed to be manageable may have now taken on more significance when viewed though the microscope of isolation or restricted movement. Relationship issues, health, finances all become more focused and it is important to do our best to maintain our mental health and not lose sight of the support that therapy provides. Live video sessions have been offered across jurisdictions and service providers for many years and have been shown to be effective in working with client issues.

I would recommend finding a quiet and secure space where the call may take place and taking steps to minimise interruptions so that confidentiality may be maintained. Some people prefer to use earphones with an in-line mic which further protects privacy. All equipment that I use to provide video sessions have multiple layers of security and all possible steps are taken on my end to ensure integrity of service.

As always my first priority is the safety and well-being of my clients. We are all being challenged by a truly global phenomenon, we will be changed by the experience but we will come through it.

Take care of yourselves,