Frequently asked questions

Do you ship worldwide?

Unfortunately no. Caveman Seeds is only delivering within Australia at this current time.

Should I use a false name?

No, using false details for postage isn't necessary, and doing so may cause issues if you miss your delivery and have to pick it up from the post office. If you have any issues with receiving your order due to providing Caveman Seeds with false information, we will be unable to assist you in resolving this, and we will not provide a refund or replacement.

I've given you the wrong postage information, what do I do?

If you've made a mistake in your delivery address, contact Caveman Seeds asap. If we haven't posted your item yet we'll be able to fix the issue quickly and easily. If your item has already been posted, it is now out of our hands and we will be unable to assist you. Caveman Seeds copies your shipping details directly from your order and it is up to the buyer to provide us with correct information. ANY ORDERS POSTED WITH INCORRECT ADDRESSES THAT YOU HAVE PROVIDED WILL NOT BE REFUNDED OR REPOSTED.

What does 'discreetly packaged' mean?

While Caveman Seeds is a legal business, we know a lot of our buyers don't want the world to know they're buying cannabis seeds. Because of this, all of our packages will not feature the name 'Caveman Seeds' or cannabis related info anywhere on the outer package, and instead will list a fake name along with our legit postal address.

Why is there now tax added to my order?

Once a business gets so big in Australia, you legally have to add GST* to your products. And Caveman Seeds have gotten big enough that we have to add it. This is not a choice, but a legal requirement. * GST (Goods & Services Tax) is "a broad-based tax of 10% on most goods, services and other items sold or consumed in Australia."

How long does postage take?

After placing your order, processing/packing takes 1-2 days. When using express postage, you can expect to receive your item within 4 days. When using regular postage, you can expect to receive your item within 7-10 days.

Will I get free seeds with my order?

Free and promotional seeds are sent out in orders ONLY WHEN AVAILABLE.