Frequently asked questions

Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Sometimes used interchangeably there can be little distinction between the work of counselling and psychotherapy. Both address the mental health of the individual and can help them to integrate difficult experiences. In general counselling work is deemed to be more short term work than psychotherapy, helping the client to address and move through a particular presenting issue. Psychotherapy will explore more of the origins of the issue and see how it effects the client's life. In broader terms it delves deeper into the source of undesired patterns in the client's life providing the client with an opportunity to engage with, understand and ultimately change these patterns. While psychotherapists will be trained in the skill of counselling, not all counsellors will be trained in the art of psychotherapy.

How many sessions will I need to attend?

Each individual is different and is affected by their circumstances in unique ways so it is difficult to give a precise number of sessions that they may choose to attend. It also takes time for an effective working relationship to be formed between client and therapist. The greater the level of security and trust felt in the therapeutic relationship the more effective the work will be. It can be very significant for the client to simply be heard with compassion and without judgement, this in itself can effect change quite quickly. Six sessions is traditionally the number used to say when a client will experience change in their lived experience however they then might decide to explore themselves further. For a client that comes because they have reached a crisis point in their lives once the crisis has been managed then they might decide to engage more in the psychotherapeutic work, rather than the counselling aspect. I do not prescribe a set amount of sessions, instead preferring to review the work to see if the client is getting what they need from the therapy and if it is continuing to be effective. Once the client has reached a point that they feel happy to leave therapy then it is important to have a closing session to reinforce the work that has taken place and to provide an appropriate ending to the process.

What happens in the first session?

The first session is an opportunity for therapist and client to get a sense of each other and whether or not they might work well together. The client will describe what has brought them to seek therapy at that particular time and may speak about their presenting issue as well as some significant events from their past. The therapist will explain a little bit about how they work, and the psychotherapeutic process. At the end of the session a contract may be signed that confirms the intention of client and therapits to work together towards agreed goals.

What if I need to cancel a session?

My cancellation policy is that if a client cancels a session with less than 48 hours notice they will be liable for half of the standard fee for the missed session. If, in the extremely rare event that, I need to cancel a session with less than 48 hours notice then the next session will be provided at half the cost. Should the client cancel a session outside of the 48 hour window, no fee will be charged. If a client does not show up for a session without giving any notice they will be liable for the full fee except in extreme circumstances. Therapy is most effective with regular attendance, while I appreciate that sometimes unforseen circumstances do arise meaning that a session may be missed, if absences are repeated regularly than this will be explored in the session and the contract may be ended.

Do I need a referral?

Referrals are not necessary but welcomed. In order to make an appointment simply ring 085-2566577 or email . Messages will be responded to at the earliest possible opportunity and an appointment set up as soon as is conveniant.

How much does a session cost?

Sessions are charged at €60 each. I do hold some limited availability for lower-cost appointments. Should you need to avail of this offer let me know and we will see if I have any space available.