My Approach to Therapy

I see myself as primarily person centred and humanistic, believing in the human drive to fulfill their potential, whatever that may be.

My work is non-directive, focusing on non-judgmental empathetic alignment with the client. Of primary importance to a successful therapeutic outcome for a client is fostering a secure and trust-worthy working relationship. Whatever the techniques or theories used by the therapist, in order for the therapy to be successful it is vital that the therapeutic relationship feels like a good fit.

I do not provide a one-size fits all therapy but instead tailor my work to suit the needs, history and behaviours of each individual client.

I believe that within each of us is contained a seed for growth that has been more or less nurtured depending on our life history. I see my role as helping the client to uncover and nourish that seed, to help it flourish. In my practice I have found it transformative for the client to nurture an internal mediator that can engage with all the resources at its disposal to: moderate internal conflicts, allay anxieties, resolve interpersonal relationships, integrate grief and cope with any number of difficulties that life can present us with.

My wish for my clients is that together we may discover the strength, love and wisdom contained at their centre. 

Eoin O'Sullivan